Persuasive Speech Example

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Writing a persuasive speech can seem a bit overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Reviewing a sample speech to get a sense of how to structure your message can provide just the touch of inspiration you need to get started!

Sample Persuasive Speech to Review

The example speech provided here is designed to persuade audience members to adopt a shelter pet rather than purchasing from a store or breeder. However, the structure and format applies to any topic.

Persuasive speech
Example of a persuasive speech

Click the image below to open the speech. This guide to printables provides tips for working with the document, so consult it if needed. The speech will open as an editable PDF document, so if the structure seems to fit your needs, you can easily edit the document to work for the topic you will be discussing. Just click anywhere in the document to edit, save and print.

Structuring a Persuasive Speech

When putting together your version of a persuasive speech, utilize an appropriate structure for the introduction, body and conclusion.


Capture Their Attention

Begin with a statement or question designed to capture the attention of your audience. This could include a shocking statistic related to the topic or a request for audience members to reflect on how the topic has impacted their lives or may impact them in the future. The key is to find something relevant to what you hope to convince the audience of and present it in a way that will make them want to hear what you have to say and open to your argument.


Specify your goal with the speech. For example, do you want to convince them to believe something, or motivate them to act in some way? What you need to do here is tell the audience what you hope they will learn and do as a result of listening to your speech.

Establish credibility

Specify what makes you uniquely qualified to address this topic to establish credibility and convince the audience why they should listen to you. Consider including how the issue at hand has impacted you personally or how it relates to your work or goals.



Specify what need(s) will be addressed as a result of what you are recommending in your speech. Put it in terms of a problem that is relevant to the audience to lay the groundwork for transitioning to why what you are trying to convince them of is both needed and important to them.


Go into details about what you are proposing, explaining both the solution itself and specifying how it addresses the need(s) that you have mentioned. Focus on expected results and benefits rather than details for implementation, keeping in mind you have to sell people on the solution before how to make it happen becomes relevant.


Discuss what the outcome will be if the proposed solutions are accepted. It's important for the audience members to positively visualize what the outcome could be if they were to take action on your recommendations.



End with a call to action, specifying what actions audience members need to take for the results previously discussed to be realized.

Crafting an Effective Speech

Following the structure outlined above and using the sample speech for inspiration can make easy work of your speech-writing task. You may even want to review other persuasive writing samples or apply tips for writing a persuasive essay for additional ideas. Using these tools, you're sure to be able to put together an effective persuasive presentation that will win over your audience!

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Persuasive Speech Example