Speech to a Big Sister on Her Wedding Day

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Your older sister's wedding is a big day in her life. As the younger sibling, it's natural for you to speak at the reception to express your love and joy for your older sibling as she embarks on this next phase in her life.

Words for Your Big Sister's Wedding

Use this customizable template as a starting point for writing your speech for your big sister's reception. Clicking the image below to open the file. The image will open as a PDF you can edit, save and print. Once the file is open, click anywhere in the document to edit. If you need assistance, see these helpful tips for working with printables. Once you have made your changes, use the toolbar commands to save and print.

Speech on big sister's wedding day
Speech for a big sister's wedding reception

Reflections on Your Relationship

The sample provided is representative of typical speeches given by little sisters on an older sister's wedding day. Feel free to use the sample wording as you like, though it's important for you to add personal touches, unique to the relationship you and your sister share.

  • Include a few childhood anecdotes or a brief poem about your relationship with your sister.
  • Let your sister know you love her, and you are proud and happy to have an opportunity to share in the joy of her wedding.
  • Be sure to wish your sister and the groom joy, love, and happiness as they move forward together as husband and wife.

It's best to keep wedding speeches to just a few minutes, so don't talk for a long time. You won't be the only person saying a few words and toasting the happy couple, so everyone will appreciate it if your remarks are short and sweet.

Practice Makes Perfect

Whatever you decide to include in your speech, practice ahead of time. Rehearse in front of a mirror, saying the words out loud until you can deliver the message in a conversational tone without relying on your notes too much. Practicing in advance of the big day will help make you feel as comfortable as possible when it is time to give your speech in front of the group gathered for the reception.

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Speech to a Big Sister on Her Wedding Day