A Toast to Wealth Template

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Toasting to wealth is something that is common at weddings, retirements or even a sending off party where the guest of honor is heading off to a new adventure in life. You want the guest of honor to feel appreciated and you want to wish them the best.

Sample Toast

Toasting to wealth and prosperity is a great way to wish a loved one well in life. "Bank on It" is a short toast that can be used as-is for any occasion. Click on the image, download, and print the speech. If you have any trouble with the printable, this guide can help.

Sample Toast to Wealth
Bank On It toast to wealth

Appropriate Occasions

A toast to wealth makes sense at any event where you would give well wishes to an individual, couple or family. Occasions include:

  • Engagement party
  • Bridal Shower
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette party
  • Wedding reception or rehearsal dinner
  • Anniversary party
  • Holiday dinners like Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter
  • Retirement party
  • Graduation party
  • Baby shower

Customizing Your Toast

The simplest way to customize the sample is to add in the name of your guest of honor and keep all the other information the same. If you'd like a more personalized speech, ideas include:

  • The occasion - For specific events use different banking terms. For example, at a wedding, you might speak about a joint bank account or mortgage.
  • Descriptors - Change the line "A bank is strong..." to include adjectives you want to bestow upon the guest of honor such as respected, trustworthy and responsible.
  • The honoree - Add personal jokes or comments about your honoree's personality and financial abilities.

You can also use the example toast as inspiration to write one yourself. Keep the basic format, but choose a different institution to compare your future wishes to, such as a church for a pastor moving onto a different church or a school for a teacher who is retiring.

Toasting Tips

Giving a toast can be a well-planned experience or a spur-of-the-moment gesture. Either way, keep the message short, positive, and from the heart. When you are ready to plan a toast, keep in mind:

  • A student
    The tone of the occasion, serious or informal
  • The size and demographics of the group
  • Whether you'll have a microphone or not
  • The event time frame
  • Your sincere feelings toward the person you toast to

When in doubt, all you need is one good sentence about your wishes for a prosperous life.

To Prosperity

Give a toast to wealth for friends or family members you know will appreciate it. Consider what kind of wealth, or prosperity, is important to them and focus on that. For some, wealth is all about money, for others, it's being surrounded by kids and grandkids. Raise a glass to obtaining all their hearts' desires as an expression of your care for them.

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A Toast to Wealth Template