Thanksgiving Trivia Questions

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These Thanksgiving questions cover a broad range of facts from the history of the first Thanksgiving and which president made it a national holiday to how to cook your Thanksgiving turkey and which two NFL teams first played on Thanksgiving Day. There are even a couple fun facts about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Printable Thanksgiving Questions and Answers

The printable below includes Thanksgiving trivia questions and an answer key. The answer key includes both the questions and answers for easy reference. You'll need Adobe to print them out. If you need help downloading the printables, refer to these helpful tips. Click the thumbnail below to get started.

Suggestions for Use

Trivia games are a fun icebreaker on Thanksgiving Day. They're also a great way to diffuse the tension that's common during many large family gatherings. But there are other opportunities to use trivia questions. They're fun:

  • At a church potluck
  • During a Thanksgiving dinner for the less fortunate
  • At a class party
  • During a ladies' night out
  • On social media to encourage discussion or as part of a holiday-themed contest for your business

No matter where or when you play trivia games, up the ante by offering a small prize for the person who answers the most questions correctly. A gift card or a few scratch-off lottery tickets are inexpensive options. If you have a large group, divide everyone into teams and offer one small prize for the winner within each team. To fight boredom and give people two opportunities for a prize, break the 20 questions into two separate games. You could even separate them by theme. For example, one game could be only history questions and the other general questions.

Making Fun Memories

Thanksgiving is for making memories, but time often drags in between dinner and football games, especially if guests don't know each other well. Fill the gaps, make fun memories, and start a new holiday tradition. Most of all, have fun!

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Thanksgiving Trivia Questions